The Veterinarian Business

A breed apart

You became a veterinarian for a very noble reason: to help those who could not help themselves. As a doctor, you bring comfort to your patients and their owners, and you have the power to heal. It's your passion.

As a business owner, you know that there are worries. It comes with the territory. We can shoulder some of the burden, so that you can focus on your patients care.

We specialize in writing commercial insurance, suited to fit the needs of business owners just like you.

That's our passion.

Staff-dogTools of Your Trade

As unique as each patient

Whether you're the small town veterinarian that takes in strays or the specialized practice on the other side of town, all veterinarians have some common business concerns.

Here are just a few:

  • Medical equipment and instruments
  • Anesthesia, sedatives, and other prescription drugs
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire
  • Employee training and experience
  • Refrigeration units
  • Health codes
  • Computer systems

Our Solutions

Nationwide can help protect you

Here are just a few ways:

Business Property Coverage

Insures your medical instruments and equipment against theft, fire and many other risks. We also cover any buildings that you may have for office visits and boarding.

Professional Liability

We can reimburse you for cost incurred by a medical incident involving your professional services, i.e. an allergic reaction to medications you prescribe.

Business Income

When storm damage forces you to shut down, we'll cover your lost income without a waiting period.

Equipment Breakdown

If a power surge knocks out your x-ray machine, we'll reimburse your lost income without a waiting period.


If your refrigeration units fail, we can reimburse you for losses to your delicate drugs and other items with special storage needs.

Money and Securities

We provide coverage for lost checks or cash on hand

Employment Related Practice Liability

If an employee accuses you of a work-related harassment, we can provide coverage for this.

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